Branded vs. Non-Branded Traffic: What’s the Difference?

Branded vs. Non-Branded Traffic: What’s the Difference?

Branded vs. Non-Branded Traffic: What’s the Difference?

How should you treat branded vs non-branded traffic and search strategies? Unpack the things to consider when it comes to targeting, attribution, and more.

Reporting on Branded vs. Non-branded Keywords in Google Data Studio – GDS Workshop Part 6

See how your visibility in Google Search is trending for branded and non-branded keywords. This is the sixth video in a series describing how to build a dashboard to report on paid and organic search performance. Note: in the case statement example I provide, my regular expression matches exact words, e.g. ‘two octobers|twooctobers’. To do a contains match, you would add .* before and after the words you are matching, e.g. ‘.*twooctobers.*|.*two octobers.*’

Ideal SEO Traffic Split Between Branded & Non Branded

What is the ideal website traffic split? How much traffic should be coming from your SEO channel? Learn the right website traffic split for SEO vs non SEO as well as how much of that traffic should be branded vs non branded traffic.

Branded vs Non Branded Keywords and It’s Impact on SEO

What is the difference between Brand and non Branded keywords?
Branded Keywords:
Products your company sells
Services your company offers
Topics your company has authority and expertise in

Non Branded Keywords:
While non-branded keywords don’t directly name your brand, they do still drive traffic to your website if you utilize them properly.

Branded Vs Non-Branded Keyword Optimisations

Key Benefits of using Branded keywords:

Search intent is clear—people are looking for services or products from your specific brand.
It works for big companies to their own share of permanent loyal audience.

Key Benefits of using non Branded keywords:

Since the intent is not as specific with non-branded keywords, there’s a greater opportunity for companies to increase their reach.
Non-branded keywords allow companies to build their organic search and increase their online visibility without having to spend a fortune.

SEO And PPC Tactics Involving Branded Keywords And Non-Branded Keywords

Branded keywords benefits:
For instance, when it comes to SEO, you can build on variations of your branded keywords to help draw in more traffic.

When it comes to branded keywords, many marketers like to utilize them for PPC campaigns. This strategy can work for numerous ways.

Non Branded keywords benefits:
One of the best ways to build authority and boost your SEO efforts is to create content targeting those non-branded keywords.

The more useful content you produce about a certain topic or keyword, the more likely you’ll rank well for a non-branded keyword.

The video is loaded with valuable info. Watch it till the end.

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Branded vs. Non-branded campaigns – What have we found? – Directive R&D

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Welcome to Directive R &D! In this series, we’ll be sharing what’s working & what isn’t for our own marketing, as well as insights from experiments we’ve run across 100+ SaaS companies over the years.

�� Branded or Non-Branded search campaigns? Or Both?

��‍�� ����‍�� Today in Directive R &D lab, we’ll be sharing our own take on this common debate. I’m joined by a new lab partner & Director of Paid Media at Directive, Brady Cramm!

– Will traffic or conversions increase or decrease if you turn Branded PPC off?

– Will organic make up the difference?

– When should you run Branded search campaigns?

– If you do run Branded search campaigns, how should you approach them?

☝ If you want any of these questions answered, this video is for you!

Shoutout to Revvim’s AdAI tool mentioned in the video that can potentially help you with your branded vs. non-branded PPC efforts.