Building An SEO Business Case Your Boss Can’t Say No To

Building An SEO Business Case Your Boss Can’t Say No To

Building An SEO Business Case Your Boss Can’t Say No To

Some stakeholders struggle to see the value of adding SEO to your marketing mix. Use this guide to build an irrefutable business case for it.

Serpstat Webinar: How To Be a Lucrative SEO Freelancer: Work Less And Earn More

You will discover what SEO services can earn you the most as an SEO freelancer
– Start freelancing timeline: How to hit the ground running
– Processes and frameworks that help SEO freelancers work less and earn more
– The best channels for attracting SEO clients who will pay the right price
– Methods for retaining and upselling SEO clients to earn more
– Pricing your SEO services to earn what you’re worth

Liam Carnahan, Freelancer & SEO Trainer at Inkwell Content

Liam Carnahan is an SEO and Content Marketing expert, and a coach for freelancers who want to earn more and work less. He’s been working in SEO for over a decade, and runs his own SEO and Content Consultancy business, Inkwell Content.

Through his Bridge Builders course and mentorship program, he helps freelancers turn their knowledge and skills into high-paying services that net them consistent income (without running them into the ground).

Part 1 | Google-Proof SEO Link Building for Ecommerce – What’s Working in Ecommerce (Episode 15)

In this episode, SEO specialist Brie Moreau from White Light Digital Marketing gives advice on choosing the right SEO agency for your brand and discusses the significance of backlinking and guest posting in SEO.

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0:00 Intro
0:47 The Anti-Agency
1:34 SEO Agency Red Flags to Look Out For
4:27 Recommendations and References for Agencies
6:16 Building Links for SEO
11:57 Should You Buy SEO Backlinks?
12:36 Why Does Traffic from the Linking Page Matter?
14:31 A New Link Building Approach

Part 2:

How Ben Dankiw Built An SEO Agency That Earned $770k Within 12 Months

Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuit podcast is the CEO of Nav 43, Ben Dankiw. Ben is a trained search engine marketing specialist and has built up a successful PPC and SEO agency over the past six years. He’s worked with many clients from all walks of life, including Porsche and Ceridian.

The longtime listener of the podcast is here today to talk about his journey. He certainly has a lot to share, including his expertise in almost every area of digital marketing, so whatever part of marketing piques your interest, Ben has you covered with helpful insights.

Ben started at a PPC agency and then moved on to freelancing. He talks about the strategies and skills he learned during that time and how they ultimately led him to start his own agency, which is now a thriving business.

Ben talks about the differences between freelancing, working for an agency, and ultimately running your own agency. It’s fascinating to hear from someone who has actually done all three. In addition, the conversation focuses on building systems and, in particular, the value and opportunities you can get from having them in place. 

One of these opportunities was building content sites, which is what Ben Dankiw and his team are now doing for clients. You get to hear about the process involved from beginning to end, including the tools they use and a whole lot more.

Other Things Discussed By Ben Dankiw Include:
* The Niche Agency He Started In The Beginning
* Transitioning From Paid Search To SEO
* Planning & Roadmapping Websites 
* Keyword Research
* The Pandemic
* Networking & Word of Mouth Marketing
* How To Grow & Scale Your Projects
* Accepting A Challenge To Double A Websites Traffic For $20k 
* Mistakes Made Along The Way
* Tools Used For The Agency
* Intersecting Niches
* Plus Much More!

Ben is a successful entrepreneur with expertise in multiple digital marketing and business areas. He offers a ton of helpful advice and tips during the interview, so taking notes, as always, is recommended — enjoy the episode.

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* Nav 43 Blogn –
* Ben Dankiw LinkedIn –

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